Fiber Glass

Our Fiber Glass division can do just about anything!

Click to view larger image.We stock several types of Fiber Glass fabrics including cloth woven roving, mat, stitch-mat, chopped strand, and loose fibers. Also, several types of powdered fiberglass. We stock fillers such as cabosil, glass microsperes, and fibers. We stock both polyester and epoxy resins for laminating, repair, and finishing. Gel-coat is offered in color, white, or clear with a complete color matching tint base kit available for custom matching.

We can also fabricate or reinforce with both twill and plain weave carbon fiber and kevlar fabrics.

Our applications include hand layup, brush, roll, and spraying techniques.

For structure strength, void filling, and floatation we offer balsa core, PVC foam core, honeycomb, and bulk expandable foams.